Who We Are
We are not a troupe, just a gaggle of talented Chicago burlesque gals that got together with a common goal: create something great and have fun doing it! We gather a couple times a month to work out our fancy group routines, workshop our solos and brainstorm new ideas. We are the collective that produces Original Tease, a monthly burlesque showcase at Lincoln Tap and the monthly lineup part of Pints & Pistons at Holiday Club. Our group acts and solos are also featured at shows and events all around Chicago and occasionally we take the whole show on the road. Come out and enjoy!

Our main players include: Bella Ciao, Deja Sue, Donna Touch, Eva LaFeva, Helena Handbasket, Hot Tawdry, Ramona Mourir, Ray Ray Sunshine, Stella Cheeks, Vivi Valens and hostesses Olive Ali Oxenfree & Dixie Devereaux, Siren Jinx, Tamale and Wham Bam Pam!

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Original Tease June 14

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