Tamale is a stand up comedian, based in interdisciplinary performance. She has traveled the world far and wide as a comedian and gender performer (performing burlesque and drag, fire dancing and belly dancing, and causing a general ruckus). She was home-schooled and now rides a giant motorcycle with an eyelash.

With a BS in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Technology Management from the University of Arizona, Tamale has used her background as a jumping off point for exploring the various communities she thrives in, sometimes donning her old FFA jacket to give pointers on dairy judging. She earned her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago and her comedy is the intersection of being a high stepping sparkle pony who occupies many points along various spectrums.

Femme that’s a little ruffle around the edges.
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Other project sites: Brass Chuckles Comedy | Bikes and Mics

See Tamale host all of our special monthly shows at Holiday Club for Bikes & Burlesque night! Shows at 9 and 10pm.








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