Ray Ray Sunshine

Petite and sweet with a dirty streak a mile wide, Ray Ray Sunshine performs the hell out of some burlesque.  An independent performer for the last two years, she has explored a variety of burlesque genres but finds herself most at home in a good old classic bump n’ grind, and recently won the award for Best Classic Performance at the Iowa Burlesque Festival.

In addition to shaking it onstage, Ray Ray is the producer of Burlesco!, Chicago’s only monthly live band burlesque and variety show featuring the music of critically acclaimed Grit and the Double Knit.  She is also a custom costume designer who’s innovative work can be seen on some of the biggest and brightest performers in the business.

Besides performing some serious burlesque, Ray is the brave assistant to her partner, Mark the Knife, and can frequently be seen having knives thrown around her body and clothing pulled off by a bull whip.

She’ll make your garden grow!

Upcoming Performances!

April 8- Original Tease! Our monthly show at Lincoln Tap Room, shows start at 9:30pm.




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