Ramona Mourir

Ramona Mourir is a gothic girl living in a 1940s world, performing neo-burlesque solos with vintage flair! A dancer since the age of four, she draws heavy inspiration from classic cabaret and USO shows. Ramona’s signature dance style has her lacing up her shoes and tap dancing for audiences all over Chicago!

In addition to being an Original Teaser, Ramona Mourir has performed burlesque in The Plucky Show (as a tap dancing spider), Chicago’s Festival of Flesh, and the Belmont Burlesque Revue. She is also an ensemble dancer in the Modet Dance Collective Chicago, a modern ballet troupe. Ramona has danced at Motoblot 2014, the 2013 & 2014 Indy Road Rocket Rumble, the White Rabbit Cabaret (Indianapolis), and Untitled Supper Club. She was also the very proud pilot for the Red Bull Flugtag team, the Flying Tassels! Television appearances include The World of the Weird Monster Show and Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers.

Ramona also works as a fashion and figure art model around the city. In her spare time she loves watching horror films, taking care of her menagerie of animals, and going to (and cosplaying at) comic conventions.

She’s the Girl to Die For!

Upcoming Performances!

July 8– Original Tease! Our monthly show at Lincoln Tap Room, shows start at 9:30pm.




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