Miss Motoblot 2015

Contest Entry Deadline June 1, 2015 | Contest Held Jun 27, 2015

MsMB2015_deadline_500x500Held in one of the oldest districts of Chicago, against a backdrop of steel and chrome, with a soundtrack of rockabilly tunes and clanking tools, the stage is set for the 2015 Miss Motoblot Pin-Up Contest. On Saturday, June 27—on the outdoor main stage of the Motoblot rally—20 contestants will take their position with the hopes of being crowned Miss Motoblot 2015 and winning the $1,000 prize.

Now in it’s second year, Donna Touch is proudly back at her post as the Miss Motoblot Pin-Up Contest Organizer!

“Original Tease was lucky enough to participate at the last Mods Vs. Rockers before the evolution of the event. Having been to many rockabilly festivals that had a pin-up contest component, I thought I could help this portion of the event really sparkle. The event founders couldn’t be a nicer group of guys. They listened to my ideas and helped me make it happen.

An extraordinary mix of women–entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, performers, athletes–graced our stage with their own individual reason for participating and interpretation of what it means to be a pin-up. Organizing this contest allowed me to showcase the beauty, strength and style of these women. Crowning Chez, our Miss Motoblot 2014, was a great moment. She really embraces the rocker culture and is as lovely to be around as she is beautiful.

I’m really looking forward to this year. The new components of the contest we’ve layered in will help the contestants engage with the community. I’m thankful for involvement from sponsors Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics and Tigerlilie Salon–both female-owned Chicago-based businesses–that specialize in timeless beauty and style. Their services help make this an even more special day for the contestants.

It’s going to be a great year and I’m thrilled to be part of it!”

Think you’ve got what it takes to be Miss Motoblot 2015? Apply today to get involved! View complete details at: motoblot.com/miss-motoblot