Goodbye 30s Birthday

Surprise! House party takeover for an amazing gal!
To be fair, we have to give props to the awesome husband of the birthday girl who organized the event. He contacted us a couple months before the party date looking for some entertainment ideas. The surprise party theme was a farewell to the 30s. Guests were encouraged to dress up and they had plenty of space for fun activities. We were so glad he picked us to help celebrate. It was a dazzling party!

We provided:

  • Photography – Capturing the surprise, candids throughout the evening and dressed up guests in the photobooth was our fabulous and favorite photographer Jeff Millies. The photo memories he made are stunning.
  • Lipgloss Activity – We brought along our gal Jessica Sawicki (creator of Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics) to make her deliciously lovely lipglosses. Guests were able to craft and name their custom shade with her.
  • Mini Show – Treating the guests to some vintage routines (as if left over from the Chicago World’s Fair), Donna Touch, Helena Handbasket and Hot Tawdry kicked-off the show portion with a shimmy-shake number that transforms from depression sack dresses to sequins and fringe. Eva La Feva channeled Little Egypt (who performed in both of the famous Chicago fairs) with a fabulous belly dance. Donna Touch returned with her boa fans for a final Sally Rand (who debuted the scandalous feather fan dance at the fair) tribute act.

All around, it was a wonderful evening! The guests were lovely, our presence was well received and the birthday girl was as surprised as could be.

Planning an event or party? Contact us and we’d be happy to advise on how we could help you celebrate!





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