Eva la Feva presents Clipper Cabaret!

Not only do the Teasers of Original Tease perform amazing burlesque at our two monthly shows, but they also perform at and produce other fantastic events around the Chicago area. A series of blog posts will be dedicated to highlighting some of these outside shows and events. We invite you to check out our other work and enjoy all that the Chicago burlesque and entertainment community has to offer!

Every Tuesday night at the California Clipper, our own Eva la Feva produces and presents “The Clipper Cabaret!” The Clipper Cabaret: Burlesque and Variety Revue is a pop-up variety show featuring burlesque and variety performances every 20 minutes between 9:00-11:30. Cover charge is just $5.




Featuring some of the best talent in the Chicago scene, The Clipper Cabaret has been getting rave reviews from audience members and performers. Check out some photos below by Greg Inda and the Clipper Cabaret promotional video. Be sure to pick a Tuesday (or two, three, or four Tuesdays each month!) and go support our gal, Eva la Feva, and all the other talented performers!



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